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Logans Elites will focus on AAU teams ages 8 to 17 years old and provide a high-quality level of basketball training.  Along with the training, participants will be involved with community leaders who will support them in developing the necessary skills as it pertains to business. As sports has become a dominant force in our society, Logans Elites will cultivate the understanding of how business and sports relate.  Members will learn teamwork, build social skills, improve character, gain understanding and accountability as it relates to self, others, community and team. Each participant will be enriched with educational seminars and mentorship opportunities. Long term participants will be teamed with a local sponsor to aide in their development of business skills with the end goal being a desire to enter college.


Under the leadership of Steve Logan each participant will learn to play the game of basketball the right way, build social skills, shape character, and be introduced to a line of successful business owners. At Logans Elites we feel that an organized AAU basketball program is important because it gives youth the opportunity for a wholesome experience. This experience gives the chance to have fun playing a sport they like while making new friends and developing relationships, acquire leadership qualities and character traits, as well as learn about physical conditioning and life skills.   

Sponsorship/donations received will contribute towards tournament fees, uniforms, travel and meal expense, gym time as well as equipment rental fees.  Each participant will receive a certificate of completion and be encouraged to continuing training, be a mentor to current participants as well as welcome newcomers as the program grows.  It is our hope that our local business owners and communities will assist Logans Elites in its efforts to develop the talent of young athletes, utilizing the game of basketball as a vehicle to further their education and share their positive influence nationwide.


As business owners are introduced to the Logans Elites platform, they will become attracted by the chance to influence young minds at an early age. Building relationships with the youth will create potential employment opportunities and strengthen bonds between community business leaders, family, and the youth.  Logans Elites looks forward to working with every sponsor/donor in supporting our youth in achieving their best not only in the game of basketball but also the core values of life, assisting them in building a brighter today so they will become the leaders of tomorrow.

Steven Logan, CEO/Founder

Logans Elites Inc// EIN# 46-3631057

PH:  513-289-8617


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